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Choir Cappella Cusana

The Cappella Cusana is a choir project whose central purpose is the performance of "early choral music" and to cater to friends of this sort of music. We would like to invite you to explore the choir and its Programme.

The choir comprises about 30 singers who meet for a regular annual project week in Bernkastel-Kues situated at the river Mosel to prepare a concert of "early choral music" and perform the piece at the end of the week.

Cappella Cusana | Leitung: Andreas Köhs | St. Agatha Wehlen 2016The name "Cappella Cusana" stands equally for the chapel of the Cusanus-Stift, in which concerts take place regularly, and the city's well-known son, Nikolaus von Kues (1401-1464), who also represents the very epoch during which many of the pieces performed today were written.

The members of the Cappella Cusana are specifically selected amateur singers. They come from all over Germany and sing in renowned oratory and chamber choirs of their respective hometowns.

Andreas Köhs was the choir's art director from 2009 to 2022.

Please look for further information at www.freunde-der-alten-chormusik.de


Cappella Cusana | Leitung: Andreas Köhs | St. Michael Bernkastel 2022

Cappella Cusana | Leitung: Andreas Köhs | St. Michael Bernkastel 2022

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